This is the current list of admins and anyone with any privleges on this wiki

List of Admins, Bureaucrats, Chatmods and Rollbacks

Name Status Notes
Margaret~ Maine Coon admin, bureaucrat, rollback, chatmod Founder
TheWizard OfOdd admin, bureaucrat, rollback, chatmod
CrashBandiCoot0 chatmod
Freddy Animatronic chatmod, admin, rollback
Gjlewis chatmod, admin, rollback
Kenny Animatronic chatmod
RobotElectrojones chatmod, admin
Sheepninja admin, bureaucrat, rollback, chatmod
Spicy Squirrelz chatmod

This Page has a list of bureaucrats.

How to Become a Chatmod/Rollback


  • 100 edits
  • 1 created page
  • Good reputation with admins and chat mods.


  1. Check that you have met all requirements.
  2. Message all admins and chatmods and see if you have a reputation.
  3. Message SheepNinja. (Please don't message Chica Animatronic as she already has enough to do.) Include above requirements.
  4. Wait for conformation or rejection from SheepNinja.

How to Become an Admin


  • 500 edits
  • 10 created pages
  • Good reputation
  • To be appoved by a poll sent out to current admins and bureaucrats
  • To already be a chatmod


  1. Check that you have met all requirements.
  2. Check the no-admin list. If you are on this list, please discard your form.
  3. Message Sheepninja or Animatronic Chica.
  4. Wait for confirmation or rejection from Bureaucrats

Please Note: Admins will still be chatmods and rollbacks. They will be automatically added.

How to Become a Bureaucrat


  • 1000 edits.
  • 20 created pages
  • Extremely good reputation
  • To be approved by a poll sent out to the community
  • To already be a admin


  1. Check that you have met all requirements.
  2. Check the no-admin list. Check if you are on this list.
  3. Message Sheepninja or Animatronic Chica
  4. Wait for rejection or confirmation from bureaucrats.

Please Note

  • Current admins, bureaucrats, chatmods and rollbacks don't have to follow these rules
  • Acting in an aggresive manner towards admins will only result in you getting banned
  • The poll sent out is only a way for admins to know if you're a good person. Exceptions can be rarely made
  • Please view the rules page!

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