Chi-la is an entertainer at Freddy FazBear's Pizza. 


Chi-la is a chinchilla animatronic. She has short hair that is separated by a pink headband. She has green eyes and short hair in her chest area. She has a big poofy tail and an adorable, pink nose. Her dark gray ears stick up through her hair.


Day Time:

Chi-la loves all children. She will entertain the children at parties and will do her best to keep the children away from Freddy and friends, to prevent another "bite"... She will allow the kids to climb on her, but will frequently clean herself off.


  <---- Chi-la during the day.


Night Time:

Chi-la will do whatever possible to MURDER the player. She will use the vents, hallway and may even team up with the Mangle if needed. She will gradually adapt to the player's strategy. She looks very torn and crazed in "Murder  Mode"

Chi-la -- Murder Mode


<---- Chi-la in "Murder Mode"

Explanation behind "Murder Mode":

Chi-la will enter M.M. as all the other animatronics do; at 6:00. She will attack the player because of the mask, the mask reminds her of the night the 5 children were obducted and killed, so she will not attack the player if he/she keeps the mask down. The only way the player will die with Chi-la is if they put the mask up.

Chi-la will be seen everywhere through the pizzeria.

Nothing more needs to be said...


Chi-la will spend most of her time with the children, or she will spend her time reading in her room. She likes books including; Harry Potter, Pegasus and Percy Jackson.


  • Chi-la's favorite food is Spaghetti.
  • Chi-la does not put on makeup.
  • Chi-la always carries a bottle of hand sanitizer.

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