Type: Fruit Bat
Occupation: Drummer
Status: Activated
Gender: Female
Hostility: High


Fifi is an antagonist in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She is the drummer in the Fazbear band. She is meant to be from the first game, not the second. Along with the other band members, during the night she is murderous killing machine. (Literally)


Fifi is a purple fruit bat, with grey wings, and rockstar styled black hair. She has green eyes, along with green highlights in her wicked hair. She usually has her wings down to where her hands come; likewise to an actual bat. She can sometimes be seen with fruit in her mouth, or carrying her drumsticks.

IMG 20141214 131725

Fi-Fi Fruit Bat


Night 1:

Fifi is usually idle, sometimes to wander backstage. Most of the time Fifi will be seen hanging upside down. Either sleeping, or glaring at you hiding all but her eyes behind her wings.

Night 2:

Fifi will become a bit more active along with the other animatronics. You will begin to hear drumming on metal if she enters the vents, which are located above the office. There are camera views to look for her, although if the space is being occupied by Fifi, you will only see her green glowing eyes.

Night 3:

By now, it's clear to see Fifi has a specific pattern. Once wandered to backstage, she will venture through west hall. Where Bonnie will usually stand, she will be climbing up into the vent register. She will then climb through the vents. There is a flap you can check, by lifting it upwards. If you see her eyes, you must close the trapdoor. If you fail to do this, when you pull up the moniter, you will here rapid drumming sounds. once pulled down, Fifi will swing from the ceiling and screech in your face, likewise to the other animatronics.

Night 4:

Fifi will become more and more aggressive, faster rapidly moving to different locations, and be able to use her claws to hold the flap down, causing you to not be able to close the trapdoor.

Night 5:

At one of her highest hostility levels, she will be very hard to defeat.

Night 6:

Fifi will be very hard to get by, similar to the others.

Night 7:

Her difficulty will be decided on A.I. levels.