Finn the fox is a grey fox with black paws. He looks like foxy. he starts at the dining room

Activity Edit

Finn starts at the dining room. He always take the east hall. Sometimes he moves. And when he moves, he is very dangerous. It's hard to see him, because he has a dark colour.

night 1: sometimes he moves, but he doesn't attack

night 2: Finn starts to become dangerous.

night 3: He goes to your office and try to attack. Beware

night 4: he always try to go to your office, and he will attack

night 5: He becomes aggressive. If you have a door open, beware

night 6: please beware. He hides in the right air vent

night 7: choose in A.I menu

Five Nights at Freddy's 2Edit

Finn returns as Toy finn, more dangerous. Beware of him, because he hides in other places.

Five Nights At Freddy's 3 Edit

Finn returns as Phantom finn

Finn becomes dangerous than ever. He goes to all blind spots of the camera's. Finn has another jumpscare, much scarier than ever!

Five nights at Freddy's 4 Edit

Nightmare finn comes. He is the scariest of all versions

Relationships Edit

Freddy: Friend

Bonnie: Not interested

Chica: Good friend

Foxy: Best friend

Mangle: Good friend

Golden freddy: never talks to Finn

other versions Edit

Phantom Finn: A burned version of Finn, sharp teeth (fnaf 3)

Shadow Finn: Shadow of Finn, very dangerous, hallucination (fnaf 2)

Nightmare Finn: A really scary version, long sharp teeth (fnaf 4)

Toy Finn: Cute, but dangerous (fnaf 2)