Apearence Edit

Foxa has a design simalar to Funtime Foxy, but her eyes are pink, her cheeks and bow tie are blue, and she has a blue hoodie, a blue hair bow, blue head phones, a blue skirt, and a candy cane hook. She also has no lipstick.

Behavior Edit

Night 1: acts like phone guy, but with a certain other oc on the cams, will get distracted and make sure you don’t shut the doors, while trying to reason with that certain other oc and trying to make them not kill you.

Night 2: same as night 1.

Night 3: same as night 1.

Night 4: same as night 1.

Night 5: same as all other nights.

Night 6: same thing.

Night 7: same as night 1.

Back story Edit

Foxa was a kid called Ava, once she decided to go to the pizzaria With some friends, they all met the purple guy, then they got killed, but Ava survived. Ava couldn’t take the trauma, and everything she had going on before that didn’t help, so when she got to school the next day, she killed herself. Then, that night, purple guy found her, so he stuffed her into a suit, like all her friends.

Trivia Edit

  1. mangle is her sister
  2. Got the idea to make her cause on an old Freddy fazbears roleplay on roblox, If there was a person playing as a kid, and naming there selves ava, i would pretend they were my sister, and I would all ways play as mangle