This is the ghost of the former security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza known as Zaine Gair. He is quite friendly and adventrous but prefers the animatronics rather than the night guards. He normally inhabits the The Kitchen Side Room along side Shez the Sheep.

Sometimes, when the animatronics are being unmerciful to the near dead nightguard he will go and hover around the most aggressive animatronic's head and will cloud or even block their bad vision.


Shez the Sheep - Likes to hang out with him but Shez never really talks

Chica: Doesn't mind her but thinks she looks creepy.

Freddy: Has a big grudge against him.

Bonnie: He likes Bonnie or 'Bon-Bon' but Bonnie doesn't like him.

Foxy: Doesn't really mind him but doesn't like his aggressive sprint towards the Night Guard and his Security Office.

Steve: Haven't met yet due to ghosts not able to see other ghosts.


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