Glitch the Wolf, better known as just Glitch, is an animatronic which has sided with the Night Guards.



Glitch looks quite run-down and has several dried bloodstains on his suit. There are a lot of holes everywhere besides his head. He has glowing yellow eyes, and dark red fur.


Glitch has the strange trait of being able to phase through anything that is moving. Which means, nothing can hit him. However, he cannot hurt anything else without using something else. (Frying pan, etc.) Glitch can also slowly recharge the door power.


Glitch is sarcastic, and often laughs at other animatronics' misfortune. Glitch generally hates most animatronics, and doesn't like most security guards. One exception is Xander Valudez.


Hallucination Theory

Some theories state that Glitch is really a hallucination created by the spirits of the lost children. However, most night guards discard this theory due to Glitch's ability to walk outside of the pizzeria.

Possession Theory

Some theories state that Glitch is an old animatronic from FredBear's that was possessed by a child spirit and eventually made it's way to Freddy's.