Glitchy Wolf is a wolf animatronic. She looks like the picture. Glitchy starts at the Dining room

Activity Edit

Night 1: Glitchy stays still.

Night 2: Glitchy starts to move around.

Night 3: On this night, Glitchy is glitching around the office, she becomes aggressive.

Night 4: She tries to attack. Beware at 3 AM.

Night 5: Glitchy glitches in your office.

Night 6: Same as night 5

Night 7: Choose from A.I menu

FNaF 2Edit

Glitchy returns in FNaF 2 as Toy Glitchy. Old Glitch comes too.

FNaF 3 Edit

Glitchy returns again as phantom Glitchy. She is faster and more aggressive!

FNaF 4Edit

Nightmare Glitchy is a new version. The dangerous and scary Glitchy. If you hear a fast breathing, beware.

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