I am currently making up custom lore. you guys can help make lore just please make it based off what I already wrote.

Manny The Chicken is a haunted chicken animetronic who is possesed by a detective named Manny Pardo.

Story Edit

This is based off detective investigating the bite of 87 and the Miami mutilator. It all started when a brave hansom man name pardo went into a miami freddy fazbear pizza. Upon walking into the pizzeria, Pardo was attacked very badly. In an act of desperation, manny crawled in the dressing room, took out an exoskeleton, and crawled into the suit to hide from animetronics. when manny went in animatrinic sut, he bleeded out and became a ghost. the next day, a man wearing a bloody tiger mask named tony went there for a mascot tryout but pardo kill him with magnum revolver he had because tony thout he could get 50 minutes of fame. then a new worker came in dubbed the mechanical mutilator, because he destroyes animatronics like manny. the mutilator grab shotgun and try to kill manny, and shot him in head. manny survived but needed vengence

mech mutilator Edit

pardo found out frim his girl friend, Alex the swan that the mutilator was escaping to mexico with the columbian cartel. pardo went to boat that mutilator was in. on coming to the boat he was attacked by 3 columbian mafia members. Manny was created with thick steeel so the weapons didin't affect him. pardo killed like 5 columbines hiding behind cover. then after killing 95 columbians, he was in utilators room. Manny's handsomness blinded the mutilator. and manny said, "you know what happens to thugs like you? before killing him

trivia Edit

Manny when he was human was born with thick skin

manny is immune to death

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