Margaret and Poofy are separate (although they are inseparable! ;)) characters from FFP, but together they are the strongest. Poofy and Margaret alone are pretty hostile/dangerous. But when they connect two wires in their wrists, they turn "super". Once "super" they usually work together to kill the player/guard.

"Super" PoofyEdit


When turned "super" Poofy's main body will turn dark grey, and her ears and tufts of pink fur will turn jet black. The tufts will also frizz out, making her a lot bigger. Her eyes will turn bright green. Her teeth and claws will extend in length and strength. In fact, her overall strength will increase as well. She will also increase in size times 4. Poofy has a special ability similar to Margaret, Poofy will sprout enormous white wings and be able to fly anywhere she pleases. In this mode she is EXTREMELY dangerous. But this is nothing compared to her when she is in "Rage Mode". When that happens, don't cross her, just don't.

"Super" MargaretEdit

When turned "super" Margaret's once rainbow hair, will now be black and purple. Her eyes will turn bright green, likewise to Poofy, and her claws and teeth will also extend in length and strength. Margaret is now faster on all fours than ever, so she will want to pounce. She can climb walls and grip to ceilings, walls, etc. Just hope she doesn't cling to you! Her strength increased, she weighs more, but is lightning fast, if viewed in the cameras, her glowing green eyes will be seen. Sometimes along with the glint of her teeth or claws. Which will be tremendously large.


  • Poofy, being structured differently, is still by far the largest. Which leads to her being a bit more powerful than Margaret.
  • Poofy is taller than Foxy and wider than Freddy when. Basically she is the largest animatronic, and this is when she isn't mad.
  • They each use their powers not only to kill the player, but in other emergencies, protecting each other, or just for fun.
  • Don't even TRY separating them, or they'll separate your head from your body. Pun intended.