The Mendoza is a sub-machine gun in Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number. It holds 30 rounds, and can be used by Manny Pardo and The SON.


The Mendoza functions almost identically to the Uzi with a high rate of fire and a slightly larger 32 round magazine.


  • Mendoza is the company that manufactures the HM-3 SMG, which is why said weapon appears in-game as the Mendoza.
  • The in-game sprite appears to have the buttstock folded, resembling a foregrip in the process.
  • Interestingly enough, the magazine capacity on the Mendoza is correct not just for the real weapon, but also for all variants of the Uzi as well. The HM-3 itself is a Mexican version of the Uzi as well.
  • Its slow rate of fire depicted in-game is correct as the real HM-3 has a rate of fire comparable to the AK-47's (Kalashnikov in-game) at 600 RPM.

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