Appearance Edit

He has a bulky design, Nightmare Puppet is infested by Ennard’s parts, the suit’s wires are sticking to Ennard’s arms. The suit’s arms are stuck with infested Nightmare Puppet’s arms. Has a head which is called the third design of Nightmare, but damaged and possessed by Molten Freddy’s wire “head”. Wires are sticking out of his complete solid legs, red bowtie and translucent torso, wire surrounded red left eye, 3 wires sticking out of his empty right eye, White glowing teeth, and a red banded black top hat.

Role Edit

He was a backup singer in Fredbear’s Family Diner for a month, but taken to few other pizzerias and redesigned three times. (To know the rest of his story, go to “Contents” and find “Story”.)

Behaviour Edit

Known as the most inactive animatronic in the pizzeria.

Night 1 Edit

Only active if not watching CAM 08 for too long.

Night 2 Edit

Not active for unknown reasons.

Night 3 Edit

Active and (slightly) will move to every room until he reaches towards the office.

Night 4 Edit

Active a bit more and will be faster in teleporting to other rooms.

Night 5 Edit

Instantly jumpscares when a animatronic is preventing the doors from functioning.

Night 6 Edit

He is very aggressive and will attack if one of the animatronics are at the door.

Night 7 Edit

Depends on the actions of the nightguard.

Story Edit

It was made not long after the Bite of 87 with a identical design of Fredbear but with different colored accessories. He was given a name and gender: Nightmare and male. Redesigned again by the Puppet and SpringTrap, causing him to trap Puppet inside him, with SpringTrap escaped safely. The Fazbear Entertainment company decided to redesign him once again, But discontinued and left damaged in the sister location (as called by phone guy). A employee got the Puppet out, but turned Puppet into Nightmare Puppet. Due to the employee being wounded by Nightmare Puppet’s rages, he decided to put Nightmare Puppet inside Nightmare again. Ennard found his suit, causing a double trap and infesting Nightmare Puppet. He now has 4 arms, but when it was transferred into the attraction place(FNaF 3), he was completely destroyed and burnt after the fire incident. He is now a hallucination and roams the ”alive” pizzerias.

Locations Edit

Front Stage, Left Table Sets, Right Table Sets, Backstage, Right Hall, Left Hall, Kitchen, Right Door, Left Door, The Office, Bathroom, Secret Room

Reaction Edit

Freddy: Freddy is jealous of how great he is like a fan.

Bonnie: I‘m really disappointed he steals my attacks.

Chica: He helps me make pizza in the kitchen!

Foxy: He’s like a brother.

Golden Freddy: My other version is still here, huh? (You get the joke?)

Trivia Edit

  • He was actually based on Lefty but a early design.
  • This animatronic is never programmed to kill or possessed, but functions like Lefty, locking up to 2 animatronics once disturbed which is different for a spring lock suit.
  • He can be encountered in FNaF 4, but his design was remade into looking like Nightmare Fredbear’s shape.
  • In 1987, He was in a secret room where only ghosts can go, because he was discontinued.

Errors Edit

  • His left arm is clipping though his belly/torso which makes the front torso size decreased and looking like the head was somewhat misplaced.