Peter and Pepper panda are twin entertainers at FredBear's Family Diner.

Peter PandaEdit


Like most pandas, Peter has black ears, tail, arms and legs, and black rings around his eyes. He also has a white stomach, and back. Peter also whears a flight helmet everywhere he goes.


Peter is a special animatronic used for boys' birthday parties. However, only when requested can he attend. He helps entertain the children while the party is going on.


Peter is a very straight-foreward, kind, and brave young man. He and his sister are often the ones to keep the peace in the pizzeria. They will often fight for their rights and stand up for their friends. Peter will be seen throughout the pizzeria with a controler in his hands. This is because he will play with the children with a remote control helicopter at parties.

Pepper PandaEdit

Appearance: Edit

Pepper looks just like Peter, except she wears a white dress with a black band around her waist.


Yet again, just like Peter, except for girls' birthday parties.


Pepper is a shy, sensitive, and courageous young lady. She will often be found very close to the security cameras. This is because she is very self-contious about how she looks. She will also be found with ballet shoes in her hand. This is because she loves to dance at parties.



Both are known to show up in all of the party rooms. And have been seen conversating with Balloon Boy.


Steve: Bffs

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  • Both Peter and Pepper went through "The stuffing."
  • Peter and Pepper love to swim.
  • They both knew Mangel before she was "mangled." (Pun intended.)

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