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creator note : this is not fukin orignal so please kill me pl

Apperance Edit

Main fur: Yellow

Sparky the Fox

Secondary fur (inside ears, belly, underneath mouth): Light Yellow

Main Eye color- Right: Black, Left: White

Secondary Eye Color- Right: Red, Left: Green

Clothes Edit

Goggles: Grey and Brown

Bandage around right eye and right arm

Tie: Red

Shirt: White

Jacket: Red

Pants: Baggy, black

Shoes: None

Traits Edit

Day Edit

• Playful

• Nice

• Silly

Night Edit

• Dark

• Murderous

• Wild

• Insain

Area Edit

A place like pirates cove, but even smaller. He has a piano and a microphone on a stand in front of the piano

Role Edit

Side entertainment, and a prize giver. Hands out plush Fennec Foxes

41-9fhWCEUL. SL500 AC SS350

Relationships Edit

Fnaf 1 Edit

Freddy- Boss, listens to

Bonnie- Boops nose alot, plays with ears

Chica- Helps makes pizzas

Foxy- Treats like a long lost brother

GF (Golden Freddy)- Annoying

SuperSexy The Sexy Fox- GF i like fukin her ass


Fnaf 2 Edit

Fredrick- Listens to

Bon- Doesn't tease as much

Chi Chi- Helps with the pizzas

Mangle- Love intrest

Puppet- Boss, Listens too

Balloon Boy- Same as GF

SF (Shadow Freddy)- Same a Springtrap

SB (Shadow Bonnie)- Same as SF


Fnaf 3 Edit

Freddy, Chica, Foxy, Puppet, Balloon Boy- Same as Fnaf 1 and 2

Springtrap- Hostile twords, gets into physical fights


Fnaf 4 Edit

Same as Fnaf 1


Sister Loc Edit

Ft. Freddy: Listens to

Ft: Foxy- Same as Mangle

Ballora- Neutral towards

Baby- Boss

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