Appearence: Edit

Rusty looks like a raccoon that stands like a human, and he is about average human size.

History: Edit

Rusty was the second animatronic made at Cosmo Cermanic's Burgers, but, since it closed, was donated to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Since they already had all the animatronics they needed, the Fredbears Entertainment crew decided to discarded him, and he was put in the Parts and Services. After The Purple Guy stuffed a 12-year-old kid into him and left, he has been resented to all adults. He isn't in the line of the Flashlight, so you can't see him at first.

Activity: Edit

Night 1: Doesn't move, exept to go closer to the cammra

Night 2: He will very rarely move about, lika a 1/100 chance.

Night 3: He will move more often, usually trying to go to the Office when it reaches 5.

Night 4: He will move even more often, usually trying to go to the Office at 4.

Night 5: He will try to go to the Office when it reaches 2.

Night 6: Same as Night 5.

Night 7: Set by the A.I.

Relationships: Edit

Friend(s): The Witherds.

Neutral: The Toys, Golden Freddy, The Puppet

Enemy(s): The Purple Guy, The Night Guard

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