Steve Is A Human-Like Animatronic, Considerbly Looking Like Steve In Minecraft. He Sings, "everyone is fun, lets

all play, have fun, dance and BE SAFE!". Then He Sings "La La La La La, I Am Steve, WE HAVE FUN!" But At Night He Sings "La.. La.. I Am Steve, We Have FUN!" (he says FUN in a demonic way at night). But His Jumpscare is SCREAMING "LA LA LETS HAVE FUNNNN!!"

Steve's Story Was That He Was The ONLY Kid By Foxy, He Was Listening To His Treasure Hunt Story When Foxy Grabbed Him

And Held Him HOSTAGE  Intil 8:00 PM When Everyone Left And

Killed Him And Stuffed Him In A Suit He'd Found

((This is Margaret. If anyone messes with Steve's OC again....I WILL KILL YOU. ^-^)

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