Appearance Edit

The animatronic is very similar to Bonnie, but with a few rips on the belly, its feet and hands are only endoskeleton parts fused together to create the bodyparts, it has 3 rows of normal teeth, its endoskeleton appears to be lightly damaged along with the head.

Role Edit

The animatronic's model Is hardly even seen or used during the game, as the bot does not serve a major or minor role, much less, the robot is responsible for all the soundtrack, however, the bunny is infact stored in a black box with an unique guitar animation, it is rarely seen on dark stages playing the " Chase " soundtrack or " Boss fight " music.

Extra Edit

  • This is an actual game character whos game planning to be released sometime 2019-2022.
  • The current model of the animatronic holds a space of 16 gbs.
  • The model needs to be somewhere in the map hidden for the sound be able to play.
  • Its original model was taller and low-poly.