The Endoskeleton is a antagonist in FNAF 2. He rarely appears on the first 2 nights,being more active on Night 3,4,5,6 and 7. He begins at the Prize Corner.

Story Edit

The Endoskeleton has an unknown story, but a theory says that he is the old Endoskeleton from Golden Freddy, and, after the murder of the Five Kids, he come to life and begin to search him old owner, in other words, Golden Freddy.

Activity Edit

Night 1 Edit

The Endoskeleton is very inactive on Night 1,being very rare to him move.

Night 2 Edit

Same as Night 1.

Night 3 Edit

He begins to be more active on Night 3,but,he only begins to move on the final of the Night,on 4 or 5 AM

Night 4 Edit

On this night,he is the first to move. He goes to the Office at the normal mode,when you hear a laugh like the Golden Freddy's laugh,it means that he already is active.

Night 5 Edit

On this night,he goes on "Mangle Mode".

Night 6 Edit

Same as Night 5.

Night 7 Edit

Player will decide on the A.I levels.

Trivia Edit

  • There's a theory that says he is the Endoskeleton of Mangle,because on Night 5 and 6,he goes like she goes.
  • He only appears on Night 1 and 2 if the puppet it's out of him box.

Gallery Edit

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