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Toby the Cat is an obese animatronic cat and is the mascot of Toby's Place of Consumption of Food and Occasional Death.

Toby T-Pose

Toby in his T-Pose, as seen in Night 4.

Toby Jumpscare

Toby's jumpscare

Toby Extras

Full-bodied Toby

Activity: Edit

Night 1: Toby isn't very active on Night 1, as he is busy dealing with extreme diarrhea and constipation after eating the food his own restaurant sells.

Night 2: Toby becomes active on Night 2. He will attempt to crawl through the vents into your office, but will get stuck. Therefore, he doesn't pose any threat.

Night 3: Toby becomes more aggressive on Night 3, and decides to enter the office through the doors instead of the vents. However, he still won't be able to fit inside.

Night 4: Toby finally manages to get into your office by glitching into a T-pose and phasing through the walls.

Night 5: Toby dies at the end of Night 4 from diabetes, so he becomes inactive on this night.

Night 6: Same as Night 5.

Night 7: Toby makes a return during Custom Night, because reasons.
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Five Nights at Toby's 2 Edit

Toby is dead from diabetes, so he does not appear in FNAT2.