Will is a cat animatronic. He starts at the backstage. Will is a white cat in suit. He has no mouth. Will's tail is 2 times longer as himself.


This is Will. His nickname is Willy


Night 1: Will doesn't move.

Night 2: Will goes to other places. It is rare if he attacks

Night 3: Will is more dangerous. This time he attacks

Night 4: Same as night 3

Night 5: Aggressive. That is how Will is in this night.

Night 6: It is rare if Will attacks

Night 7: choose in A.I menu

FNaF 2Edit

Old Will and Toy Will return. Old Will is faceless. Toy Will is cute, but dangerous.

FNaF 3 Edit

Phantom Will is back! He has a new jumpscare.

FNaF 4 Edit

Will returns as Nigthmare Will! This time he has a mouth with 2 sharp teeth.

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