Zaine Gair
Vital statistics
Position NightGuard
Age Unspecified
Status Dead (as of 2011)
Physical attributes
Height Tall
Weight Moderate

General InformationEdit

Zaine Gair is the male night guard that takes over once Mike has finished his shift. He dies on Night 4.


Black hair, white shirt and brown pants. A central American look.

Extra InformationEdit

Zaine was hired when Mike was finishing his final night. He survived the first three nights with ease but Freddy got him after trying to save power with keeping the right door open. He was stuffed into Shez the Sheep's suit. He is barely alive thanks to his body being wedged into a wire and jolting him up from the dead.

He can also acces the cameras along with Shez by having Shez's middle to upper brain wire which is wedged into his brain. He tries to communicate with the nightguard when Bonnie and Chica are in the room but since he can only make groaning, rasping noises.


Night 1Edit

Zaine passes this night with ease. He ran into Bonnie a few times during the night. He went home and was barely mortified at all.

Night 2Edit

On the second night Foxy ran and attempted to attack Zaine. Freddy was staring into the camera which caused Zaine to get distracted.

Night 3Edit

On this night Freddy left the ShowStage. Zaine was almost jumpscared by Chica when he was trying to find Freddy (who was in the female bathroom). This night was hard and he left in a very frozen way.

Night 4Edit

Bonnie was absolutely killing his left door and Foxy was commonly running up and draining power. Freddy got him in the end because he was focusing on Bonnie and Foxy.